Environmental Education and Awareness in Saldanha

The CWCBR regularly implements donor funded environmental awareness initiatives in the greater Saldanha Area.

Examples of such initiatives include tree planting days, environmental excursions to nature reserves and recycling competitions between Primary Schools.

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Natural Resource Management Land User Incentives Project

Working for Water Alien Clearing Project

In March 2013, the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve (CWCBR) was allocated an alien clearing project with the Department of Environmental Affairs: Working for Water programme (WfW). This project stretched over a period of three years which ended in March 2016. The project employed 96 people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Over the three year period, approximately 2300 initial hectares and 1025 of follow hectares of Alien vegetation was removed from critically important ecosystems. The Cape West Coast Biosphere is happy to announce that the project has been renewed for another three years ending in 2019. Read More

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CREW West Coast

CREW (Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers) is an initiative started by the National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) in 2003 to monitor the state of threatened plant species using groups of volunteers from various socio-economic backgrounds. These volunteers work in close association with their local conservation agencies and particularly with local stewardship initiatives to ensure that the key sites with threatened plant species are monitored and conserved. Since inception, the volunteers partaking in the programme has discovered 24 new species, 14 species were rediscovered and repeated data collection was done on 1 030 species of conservation concern.

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Stewardship Site Assessment - Prashanti Farm

The first field trip for the SANBI Groen Sebenza Interns took place on the 10th of May 2013. The interns went to assist the City of Cape Town Conservation Department in conducting a site assessment for Prashanti Hills Farm, a potential candidate for the CapeNature Conservation Stewardship Programme.

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Stewardship Project

It has been estimated that approximately 80% of scarce and threatened natural habitat in South Africa is located on land that is not formally protected. Cape Nature realised that in order to ensure that conservation targets for threatened habitats are met, they cannot only rely on the proclamation of state-owned protected areas and thereby the Conservation Stewardship Programme was initiated.

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Spatial Development Plan

The purpose of this project is to collate many of the missing links that are created by the silo effect of different spheres of government and departments implementing each of their legislative requirements within the boundaries of each municipality.

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