Green Food Gardening Project

The concept of this project is more than just about food gardening. It also includes the cultivation and use of indigenous herbs and perennials. A marketing and distribution strategy shall help the project to sustain itself and create benefits for the whole community to make poor peoples lives better.

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YES Programme

Funded by the City of Cape Town the main focus is creating temporary employment and capacity development for over 30 Atlantis community members that were previously unemployed.

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The CWCBR therefore aims to establish an industrial biodiversity corridor in the major industrial area of Saldanha. The industrial biodiversity corridor will be secured through a range of different land consolidation strategies where one of these would be the signing of stewardship agreements with CapeNature to ensure the long term protection and conservation of these corridors of vegetation. The CWCBR is undertaking stewardship on behalf of CapeNature within the CWCBR.

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